Fonts, scores and level selection!

June 2, 2010

Finally got round to making a font system for my engine. As a result I can now display useful stuff like scores and level names 😉

I also slightly changed the in-game menu bar to incorporate the score and new button layout.

Screenies showing some new stuff:


New Gameplay element…

May 25, 2010

Quick screenshot showing the next gameplay element I’m adding to the game at the moment. What will it be? 😉

Rebound and Speed orbs

May 12, 2010

I’ve finished adding two new Orb types to Bing Bong! They are the Rebound (yellow) and Speed (red) orbs.

When collected, the Rebound orb bounces your Disc away from it and the Speed orb does just that… speeds your Disc up, allowing it to travel much further before coming to a stop!

These two new Orbs allow for more varied level designs with a focus on speed and well aimed shots to contrast some of the slower, puzzle-based levels.

Here’s a few screenshots showing a level with two Speed orbs and a Rebound orb in the mix! It’s a really rapid level gameplay wise and looks very cool in motion so I’ll be making a short video of it soon!

Rebound Orbs and collisions…

April 29, 2010

I’ve  been working on the next Orb type in the game… the Rebound Orb.

It’s pretty simple really, it needs to be collected like the other Orbs in each level, however, when you hit it you rebound off it at a much higher speed instead of slowing down. This allows for some cool pinball-esque crazy levels!

As a result of this new Orb, the Disc can now travel at much higher speeds than it previously could, which has forced me to finish improving the collision detection and response, which is what I’ve been working a little bit tonight! So far so good. Couple more tweaks and it should be finished!

I’ve also been giving some consideration to the level editor… I think I’m going to make it an in-game editor, so I can make the levels whilst I’m out and about and also test them in-game instantly! I’ll need to look into saving and retrieving data on the iPhone at runtime for this…

First sneak peak video!

April 21, 2010

Just finished the first video showing some Bing Bong! gameplay footage!

Check it out!

Orb experiments!

March 30, 2010

I’m playing around with some different Orb visuals now that there is another Orb type coded (and probably more in the future) as I need a graphic I can easily change the colour of significantly.

Back to UI…

March 29, 2010

I’m now working on finishing the menu UI so the level selector will be fully functional and out the way. I’ve started by making the padlock icon for locked levels.

Here’s an exciting pic 😉

Gotta finish off the font support next so that I can display the level names and any other dynamic text I’ll need. I’ve also nearly finished the code for a new Orb type which will mix the gameplay up a bit!

More screenshots…

March 23, 2010

Just finished a late night’s work adding the effects I worked on earlier today to the game. As usual they look a lot cooler in motion!

However taking screenshots does have the advantage of showing up things your eye can’t catch at 60fps. For example, the coloured particles in these shots don’t look right when they’re not moving so fast, you can see the first few frames that they’re all fully opaque . Something to fix in the morning!

Couple of the menu screen with the new electricity/static explosions:

Work-in-progress level select screen. Each bar will represent a level, with it’s number, name, completion status and potentially score information. The list can be scrolled up and down with swipes, tap a bar to play that level. Got some nifty transition and motion effects going on too 😉 Just need to add the relevant text now…

And another gameplay screenshot from the now-getting-very-old test level 😉

Added some other stuff too, good progress tonight!

Lunchtime effects

March 22, 2010

Had some spare time at work during lunch, so I started playing around with some potential simple effects to add a bit of flare.

A laser glow to move + blend along the laser walls randomly:

And a lightning effect for  background noise  or orb collection:

Still going!

March 19, 2010

I’ve spent the last month setting up in my new place so I’ve not had any spare time to work on Bing Bong! until yesterday. Just before I started moving I spent some time on the menu screen UI. UI is boring and nobody enjoys coding it, but it’s needed so I thought I’d get it out the way and that’s what I did – and I’m pretty happy with the results! Will post a clip of the game soon.

Some of yesterday’s changes:

– Added a level progression system so the game can now move between levels in the list properly and automatically (no more hacks!) and added a couple of basic introductory levels. Feels a lot more like an actual game not a prototype with just this change alone!

–  Added some animated visual cues to make shot count etc clearer to player

– Some effects tweaks: orb explosion now has a glow instead of distoting texture. Realised I need to liven the screen up during gameplay so started by making un-collected orbs pulse randomly. Got a few other ideas I’ll be trying out soon.

I’ve been thinking about level creation, levels are stored as XML files and everything can be modified. At the moment I’m manually creating them which is a pain and slow. Will need a propper way of doing it soon… trying to decide if I should build the editor in-game or a standalone tool. Leaning towards in-game as it will be much quicker to test and tweak new levels but would be more work upfront.