…and we’re off – to space!

So, it’s time to start my next game. This time I’m simply making a game I want to make for fun: a dual stick space shooter in the vein of Super Stardust HD.

There’s plenty of them out there already, but only a couple of good ones and they’re too tame for my liking 😉

The plan is simple – an all-out, over the top shooter that aims to come as close to the craziness of Super Stardust HD as possible on an iDevice, which is where I feel the other games on the platform are lacking: intensity.

So, after my first evening working on it I can present my first and at this stage, very non-intense screenshot of my Day 1 progress:


– Multi touch support (first time I’ve needed to add it)
– Dual stick controllers that work as expected: provididing accurate current angle/direction etc to the game
– SPACE SHIP! A green triangle that is my awesome space ship at this point. It moves around. Pretty important really.

More soon!


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