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July 27, 2011

– A temporary spaceship sprite to replace the player’s green triangle for now
– Reduced size of player’s bullets
– Added ability for multiple firing streams (the player can be seen shooting two above)
– New ‘Mine’ entity (red and black in the screenshot) utilising new behaviour described next
– Added ‘chase’ functionality to enemy entities so they charge towards the player (the red and black mines are the first to use this)
– Added entity-player collisions so the player can lose lives when colliding with stuff
– Temporary invulnerability is granted when colliding with something and losing a life
– Added BOOST button and functionality to speed the player’s movement for a short period of time
– Fixed a bug in the visibility determination code that checks which entities are on screen, some were getting cut off incorrectly before
– Asteroids bounce off each other


Shooter Day 3

July 25, 2011


– Asteroids are now their own special entity type so I can treat them as such
– Asteroids now spin as they move through space
– Asteroids have health and split into multiple smaller parts when destroyed
– Recoloured asteroids (even though like everything else, their art is only temporary)
– Added some debug text output
– The playable area is now defined and nothing can move out of it
– There’s now a slight minimum movement to the cloud layer even when the player isn’t moving to simulate wind and to just look cooler 🙂

Shooter Day 2.5

July 23, 2011

I spent this morning working on optimising some systems so that only stuff on the screen is rendered, checked for collision etc as when I started firing with 500 entities in existence it was slooooow (obviously).

I’ve now had over 2000 things flying around whilst shooting and flying around with no drop in framerate, much better 🙂

Then I added parallax scrolling to the clouds and planet texture layers so they move at different speeds, giving a better sense of depth and movement. I think it looks pretty cool in action!

Also got projectile/entity collision working so your lasers actually shoot stuff now! Stuff just disappears instantly when hit for now, but it works 😉

Shooter Day 2

July 22, 2011

This evening’s stuff:

– Camera now tracks the player around the world, with his ship in the centre
– Player can fire!
– Added a test enemy ship which chases the player
– Added systems for tracking all the projectiles (collisions coming next!)
– Added support for ‘Entities’ so I can easily add a new object and make it a ship, meteor etc and control them all in the same way

Pic showing some of the new stuff (firing ice ammo + red enemy ship chasing towards me!):

…and we’re off – to space!

July 21, 2011

So, it’s time to start my next game. This time I’m simply making a game I want to make for fun: a dual stick space shooter in the vein of Super Stardust HD.

There’s plenty of them out there already, but only a couple of good ones and they’re too tame for my liking 😉

The plan is simple – an all-out, over the top shooter that aims to come as close to the craziness of Super Stardust HD as possible on an iDevice, which is where I feel the other games on the platform are lacking: intensity.

So, after my first evening working on it I can present my first and at this stage, very non-intense screenshot of my Day 1 progress:


– Multi touch support (first time I’ve needed to add it)
– Dual stick controllers that work as expected: provididing accurate current angle/direction etc to the game
– SPACE SHIP! A green triangle that is my awesome space ship at this point. It moves around. Pretty important really.

More soon!