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Rebound Orbs and collisions…

April 29, 2010

I’ve ¬†been working on the next Orb type in the game… the Rebound Orb.

It’s pretty simple really, it needs to be collected like the other Orbs in each level, however, when you hit it you rebound off it at a much higher speed instead of slowing down. This allows for some cool pinball-esque crazy levels!

As a result of this new Orb, the Disc can now travel at much higher speeds than it previously could, which has forced me to finish improving the collision detection and response, which is what I’ve been working a little bit tonight! So far so good. Couple more tweaks and it should be finished!

I’ve also been giving some consideration to the level editor… I think I’m going to make it an in-game editor, so I can make the levels whilst I’m out and about and also test them in-game instantly! I’ll need to look into saving and retrieving data on the iPhone at runtime for this…


First sneak peak video!

April 21, 2010

Just finished the first video showing some Bing Bong! gameplay footage!

Check it out!