More screenshots…

Just finished a late night’s work adding the effects I worked on earlier today to the game. As usual they look a lot cooler in motion!

However taking screenshots does have the advantage of showing up things your eye can’t catch at 60fps. For example, the coloured particles in these shots don’t look right when they’re not moving so fast, you can see the first few frames that they’re all fully opaque . Something to fix in the morning!

Couple of the menu screen with the new electricity/static explosions:

Work-in-progress level select screen. Each bar will represent a level, with it’s number, name, completion status and potentially score information. The list can be scrolled up and down with swipes, tap a bar to play that level. Got some nifty transition and motion effects going on too 😉 Just need to add the relevant text now…

And another gameplay screenshot from the now-getting-very-old test level 😉

Added some other stuff too, good progress tonight!


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