Still going!

I’ve spent the last month setting up in my new place so I’ve not had any spare time to work on Bing Bong! until yesterday. Just before I started moving I spent some time on the menu screen UI. UI is boring and nobody enjoys coding it, but it’s needed so I thought I’d get it out the way and that’s what I did – and I’m pretty happy with the results! Will post a clip of the game soon.

Some of yesterday’s changes:

– Added a level progression system so the game can now move between levels in the list properly and automatically (no more hacks!) and added a couple of basic introductory levels. Feels a lot more like an actual game not a prototype with just this change alone!

–  Added some animated visual cues to make shot count etc clearer to player

– Some effects tweaks: orb explosion now has a glow instead of distoting texture. Realised I need to liven the screen up during gameplay so started by making un-collected orbs pulse randomly. Got a few other ideas I’ll be trying out soon.

I’ve been thinking about level creation, levels are stored as XML files and everything can be modified. At the moment I’m manually creating them which is a pain and slow. Will need a propper way of doing it soon… trying to decide if I should build the editor in-game or a standalone tool. Leaning towards in-game as it will be much quicker to test and tweak new levels but would be more work upfront.


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